• New universal HD 47U 800x1200 mm cabinet for data centers
  • KELine® Intelligent system for monitoring and management of network infrastructure
  • Cat.6A interoperable components for high density patch fields
  • Solution selection knowledge base                                   
  • Pioneer in Cat.6A cabling                                                                                        
  • Regular audit of manufacturer's production quality performed by 3P and Delta laboratories
  • 25 year system warranty                              
  • KELine® partner program                                 
KELine® was the first to launch a full range of Cat.6A ISO 11801 certified interoperable components
Product quality under the supervision of independent international laboratories 
25 year warranty for 1144 registered installations
GHMT laboratories
25.August 2015
What sets us apart. Ever since Gesellschaft für Hochfrequenzmesstechnik mbH was founded in 1992, we have been conducting in-depth analyses of passive network components. In 2000, ours was the first test laboratory in Europe to be awarded DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Some of the world's best known companies in networking, as well as customers from the automotive, pharmaceutical and energy sectors, have relied on our industry-standard independent engineering services ("certified by GHMT") for more than 20 years. Big-name customers and engineers all over Europe now insist on GHMT certification as proof of
Delta laboratories
18.August 2015

EC VERIFIED – world-wide quality assurance

Network installers, network integrators and manufacturers of cables and connectors have for the past 20 years relied on the EC VERIFIED stamp of quality in their marketing of high performance networks. EC VERIFIED is the ultimate independent mark of globally approval for cables and connecting hardware. It guarantees that the products approved by us as an accredited independent third party testing laboratory have been tested to all international relevant standards

Progress of Structured Cabling
25.April 2013

In 2002, the international standard ISO/IEC 11801 divided structured cabling into three performance categories: Cat.5E, Cat.6 a Cat.7. The category Cat.5E was designed to fulfill requirements for all then existing standardized protocols including the Gigabit Ethernet. Cat.6 and Cat.7 were created for upcoming high-speed protocols. Since a higher transmission speed requires a wider transmission band, a transmission band became the basis for cabling systems categorization. The division is as follows - 100 MHz for Cat.5E, 250 MHz for Cat.6, 600 MHz for Cat.7

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New toolless FM45/s connector
15.December 2015
for direct termination on Cat.7A, Cat.7, Cat.6A, Cat.6, Cat.5E cables
Compatibility with other brands’ mounting hardware
17.August 2015
KELine® keystone jack compatibility with other brands’ outlets, ducts and floor boxes    
New products in KE<i>Line</i><sup>®</sup> portfolio
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