Connector RJ45/u, Category 5E, 8p8c, 50 μ Au

P/N: MP-RJ45-8P8CU
  • suitable for cables with stranded as well as solid wires 
  • not shielded against electromagnetic interference 
  • by dimensions and transmission features meets IEC 60603-7 standard

Technical specification

Suitable for installing on cables with solid wires from 0,41 mm to 0,51 mm (AWG 26 - AWG 24)
Suitable for installing on cables with stranded wires from AWG 26 to AWG 24
Suitable for installing on cables with outer diameter from 4,5 to 8 mm
Pin material copper alloy coated with 50 μ of gold
Insertion / extraction cycles min. 200

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  • usage of different colors simplifies the orientation in the connection field
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