19“ server compact cabinet RMA width 600 mm, depth 900 mm, glass door

Height: 42U (1970 mm), Width: 600 mm, Depth: 900 mm, Construction: Compact
P/N: RMA-42-A69-BAY-A1-OZA
  • welded construction with iP20 protectionn
  • single door, hardened smoked glass
  • removable and lockable side panels and perforated rear cover (air permeability 80%) enable an easy access to the installed devices
  • front vertical rails are continuously adjustable
  • frame of the cabinet and all removable parts are connected with earthing cables
  • cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels located at the top, bottom and rear part of the cabinet
  • breakout-type blanking panels for fan units are located in the top and bottom of the cabinet
  • nivelation feet (standard)
  • castors RAX-MS-X81-X1 and base with filter RAB-PO-X69-XN available upon request
  • stabilizing footing RAB-SS-X04-X1 available upon request (applies to cabinets with base only)
  • sliding vertical rails installation in a span of 19”, 21” or 23” (only in case of cabinets with width of 800 mm)
  • protective blanking panel with a brush to seal the cabinet opening against dust penetration (1 pc)
  • set of M6 screws and captive nuts (16 pcs) 




Technical specification

Color black RAL9005
Surface structured, matt
Depth 900 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 1970
Weight 90,8 kg
Capacity 400 kg