Fluke 1 GHz DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

P/N: DSX-5000

  • used for certification of installed cabling Cat 5E / Class D, Cat 6 / Class E, Cat 6A / Class EA, Class F and Class FA 
  • high speed ​​test time of Cat 6A in 10 second
  • graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk and distance to shield faults 
  • internal memory capacity  up to 12,000 tests results including full graphics 
  • 5.7" capacitive touchscreen 
  • lithium-ion battery with capacity of 8 hours 
  • first certifying tester able to measure TCL and ELTCTL 
  • HDTDx analyzer with Dedicated Diagnostics
  • measuring continuity of shielding and resistance imbalance

Technical specification

Frequency range 1-1000 MHz
Accuracy Level V (IEC 61935-1)

Fluke Case includes

  • Versiv Main & Remote 
  • DSX Copper (2) modules

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