LanTEK® III - 1000MHz (including adapters)

P/N: R161004

  • used for certification of installed cabling Cat 5E / Class D, Cat 6 / Class E, Cat 6A / Class EA , Class F, Class FA
  • 4.3” LCD color wide screen 16:9 ultra bright display 
  • new permanent link adapters
  • new troubleshooting features  (TDX, TDRL)
  • WiFi module to connect smartphones or tablets
  • certifies multimode or single mode fibre (optional FiberTEK III modules) 
  • new test data software to create professional reports in PDF
  • battery life of 18 hours of continuous testing without interruption
  • IDEAL AnyWARE app can share test data with colleagues or customers without leaving the job site

Technical specification

Frequency range 1-1000 MHz
Accuracy Level IV (IEC 61935-1)


  • LanTEK III display/remote handsets
  • CAT6A RJ45 Permanent Link Adapters (2)
  • Li-ion battery (2)
  • universal power adapter (2)
  • USB cable, headset (2)
  • hanging strap (2)
  • USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • quick reference guide
  • carry case    
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