Cat. 6A interoperable components

  • Cat 6A interoperable components allow for a 10 Gigabit/s transmission speed, guarantee transmission of all standardized protocols including 10GBASE-T and ensure a bandwidth of 500 MHz. 
  • Due to the possibility of using products from different manufacturers and brands, users and suppliers do not depend on a single purchase source. 
  • These components offer a future-proof solution, which currently represent a technical peak that will dominate horizontal cabling for the next 25 years. 
  • This solution meets the expectations and needs of users with the highest demands on the quantity of transferred data. 

HD components features 

  • Double the number of ports in the patching field (48-port in 1U) compared to standard solutions (24 ports in 1U). 
  • Save space in data cabinets and also increase usable space in server rooms and data centers. 
  • Allow to extend number of ports in fully loaded data cabinets by exchanging 1U patch panels for 0,5U patch panels. 
  • Allow patching a large number of ports in a single data cabinet.
  • Easy release of patch cords in high density patch fields. 
  • Using of trunk cable and cross-connect cables allows to easily and quickly implement any necessary changes in a data center without a need to outsource other installation capacity.

Definitions and features

Cat 6A interoperable component complies with requirements of Cat.6A performance defined in the recent international standard ISO/IEC 11801:2011(Ed. 2.2) on a component level and possess a certificate confirming this.

Cabling build up of these components guarantees:    

  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference and Alien Crosstalk
  • Performance category Cat.6A and Class EA for all standardized topologies 

    (2 -, 3 - and 4 - connector channel, 2 - and 3 - connector permanent link)

  • Possibility to combine products of different manufacturers and brands
  • Possibility to employ Cat.7 and Cat.7A interoperable cables
  • Safety margin of all parameters affecting transmission quality throughout 

    the frequency range

Warranties, certificates and quality control

  • KELine® Cat.6A interoperable components have been tested and certified by independent international laboratories  GHMT, 3P and Delta. The certificates confirming compliance with the standards can be viewed on websites of the testing laboratories.

  • 3P and Delta laboratories carry out a quality control of mass-produced products on a regular basis. This includes: “sample test”, “maintenance testing”, “quality audit of the manufacturer’s quality assurance and production sites”.

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