Cat. 5E unshielded components

  • Cat.5E unshielded components allow for a 1 Gigabit/s transmission speed, guarantee the transmission of all standardized protocols up to 1000BASE-T and ensure a bandwidth of 100 MHz. 
  • These components have been installed for more than 15 years and since 2002 represent the standardized minimum. 
  • The components meet the bandwidth requirements of 1000BASE-T with safety margin greater than 20%.  
  • Cat.5E unshielded components are an appropriate solution for companies with lower demands on the amount of transferred data.

Definitions and features

Cat.5E components comply with the requirements of Cat.5E performance defined in the international standard ISO/IEC 11801:2011(Ed. 2.2). Unshielded cables must be installed a distance of up to five times greater away form power cables as compared to shielded cables.   


A 25-year warranty is applied on all installations performed by certified “KELine® installer” and “KELine® planner” after an audit of test data. 

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