KELine® Intelligent system for monitoring and management of physical layer network

12.June 2014
  • intelligent system for monitoring and management of network infrastructure 
  • innovative RFID technology 
  • complete documentation of interconnections in real time

Administrators of large networks and data centers face problems with confusing or out of date documentation of connected ports within structured cabling networks. Re-patching in such networks  due to the number of ports is a time consuming process that increases errors and system downtime. KeLine® has introduced a solution called KELine® Intelligent.

KELine® Intelligent is a monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring of system and network configurations. It allows administrators to manage the infrastructure of data centers, servers and local area networks. The system enables planning for re-patching, assisted installation of patch cables and the identification of free ports, unauthorized connections and disconnections. 

The main advantages of the system are:

  • contact-free identification using innovative RFID technology 
  • planning and immediate documentation of patching 
  • backward compatibility with previously installed KELine systems (networks) using the original Keystone jacks
  • compatibility with copper and fiber optical elements 
  • improves IT staff efficiency 
  • increases system stability and reduce system downtime

The system contains several components: 

  1. Rack Control Unit (RCU)
  2. Panel Control Unit (PCU) 
  3. Patch cables with RFID transponders
  4. Monitoring and control software - management console
  5. Other support components

1. Rack Control Unit (RCU) 

The Rack Control Unit (RCU) is a communication interface between the Panel Control Unit (PCU) and a management console (software). The RCU receives signals from the PCU and sends them to the management console through the SNMP protocol. In addition, the RCU connects to up to 42 PCUs through a bus cable. The display provides a visual check when connecting patch cables and informs of any errors. For even easier identification of errors, the RCU can be equipped with highly visible signaling lights placed on the outside wall of the cabinet.

2. Panel Control Unit (PCU) 

The panel control unit (PCU) can be integrated into a variety of patch panels and switches in existing networks. PCUs are connected through bus to the RCU. Installed PCUs continuously monitor all relevant patch panels and switch ports. If any change occurs, the PCU generates a message that is sent directly to the RCU and to the management console (software). The PCU uses LEDs to visually signal requirements and error messages during patching and re-patching processes which ensures the correct completion.

3. Patch cables with RFID transponders

Patch cables are fully compliant with the latest standards ISO / IEC 11801 for all performance categories up to Cat.6A. RJ45 connectors with molded plugs contain an RFID transmitter. Cable sheath and molded plug color combinations can be mixed and matched from six standard colors. An additional security feature is the security plug, which prevents the connection of unidentified standard patch cables not equipped with an RFID transmitter by blocking all non-patched RJ45 ports.

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