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Infographic Optical cables and components categorized according to the latest international standards (11.11.2013)
Recent high-speed protocols for optical cabling have triggered the development of new types of optical fibers and their new categorization. The initial categorization of fibers was based on glass core/cladding diameters of 50/125 μm, 62,5/125 μm or 9/12 μm.
Infographic A closer look at cabling performance of Cat.5E, Cat.6 and Cat.6(24.10.2013)
International standards have defined five cabling categories: Cat.5E, Cat.6, Cat.6A Cat.7, Cat.7A. However, there are only two performance levels represented by two transmission speeds - 1 Gigabit/s and 10 Gigabit/s. Cat.5E is efficient for networks with transmission speed of 1 Gigabit/s whereas Cat.6A is optimal for networks with transmission speed of 10 Gigabit/s.
Infographic Up to 63% of Cat.6A components in Eastern Europe may be fake (28.08.2013)
Properties of Cat.6A components can be verified only in specialized laboratories. Therefore untested components without a credible certificate cannot guarantee transmission speed 10 Gb/s or 10 GBASE-T.