Outdoor / direct-buried FTP (F/UTP) cable 4x2xAWG24, Category 5E, 300 MHz, PE

P/N: KE300S24OUT
  • double sheath with total thickness of 1,65 mm 
  • extremely resistant to mechanical damage and environmental influences 
  • resistant to moisture, water and UV radiation  
  • cable core is identical with construction of KE300S24-Eca
  • enables RJ45 connectors to be mounted directly to a cable 
  • enables transmission of all high-speed protocols including 1000BASE-T
  • tested in a bandwidth up to 300 MHz

Technical specification

Min. bending radius - installation 64 mm
Min. bending radius - operation 32 mm
Max. tensile load 82 N (8,2 kg)
Temperature range - installation 0 °C to +50 °C
Temperature range - operation -20 °C to +75 °C
Outer cable diameter 8,0 mm
Outer PE sheath thickness 1,25 mm
Inner sheath thicktess 0,4 mm
Copper conductor diameter AWG 24
NVP cca 69%

Certificates and Warranties


25-Year System Warranty