Cable for flexible links FTP (F/UTP), Category 5E, 125 MHz, 305 m in a box

Performance category: Category 5E, Shielding: Shielded, Sheath: LSOH
P/N: KE300S26-RLX
  • cable shielded with AL/PET foil, LSOH sheath 
  • enables transmission of all high-speed protocols up to 1000BASE-T 
  • guarantees a bandwidth of 125 MHz 
  • enables RJ45 connectors to be mounted directly to the cable 
  • complies with the requirements for fire prevention arrangements in buildings with higher concentration of people

Technical specification

Min. bending radius - installation 44 mm
Min. bending radius - operation 22 mm
Max. tensile load 55 N (5,5 kg)
Temperature range - installation 0°C to +50°C
Temperature range - operation -20°C to +60°C
Outer cable diameter 5,5 mm
Copper conductor diameter 0,48 mm (AWG 26)
NVP ca. 67 %