Universal HD 47U 800x1200 mm cabinet for data centers

Height: 47U (2194 mm), Width: 800 mm, Depth: 1200 mm, Construction: Demountable
P/N: UDC-47-812
  • Doors and side panels easily removable without using any tools
  • Secure locking with cylinder lock with a unique key for access control
  • Perforated front and rear doors with air permeability of 80% for optimal airflow in the concept of cold / hot aisle
  • Deep, continuously-draggable 19" frames for mounting devices to allow full adaptability to the size of installed devices and also to space requirements for connecting cables
  • Unique to-the-side draggable 19" frames for mounting devices to allow selection of the optimum cable management concept and location of equipment according to the use of rack
  • High capacity vertical and horizontal cable management to guarantee compliance with the bending radius of cable mountable on the front and rear side of the cabinet
  • Flip-top vertical cable management effectively increasing the air flow and also playing a considerable aesthetic function
  • Vertical cable grids on both sides of the enclosure, that can be mounted in the front and in the back according to the purpose of the usage
  • Horizontal mounting chassis with the possibility of mounting brackets for cable reserves
  • Cable entries from top and bottom of enclosure through openings with adjustable size and minimizing unwanted air flow
  • Pretreatment for joining and bilateral cross-wiring of juxtaposed distributors. Extension of installation or changes within the distributors without necessity of their disconnection.
  • 100% perfect elaboration of the edges for safe installation and protection of cables against mechanical damage
  • Deliverable in a folded or disassembled state with a short assembly time in 20 minutes 

Technical specification

Color grey RAL7035
Surface structured, matt
Depth 1200 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 2194 mm
Weight 130 kg
Capacity 1300 kg

In terms of design, capacity, dimensions and characteristics HD UNIVERSAL DATA CENTER CABINET is suitable for all types of equipment and for the most demanding applications which can be found in modern data centers. The possibility to use one type of rack provides maximum flexibility and modularity when using precious data center space. This solution enables an effective cooling by applying the principle of cold / hot aisle and provides the opportunity to implement all necessary changes in the DC without replacing or removing the cabinets throughout its life cycle. Especially designers and operators of data centers constantly confronted with these requirements may appreciate the advantages and the enormous value of this concept.