Cat. 6 unshielded components

  • Cat. 6 unshielded components allow for a 1 Gigabit/s transmission speed, guarantee the transmission of all standardized protocols up to 1000BASE-T and ensure a bandwidth of 250 MHz.
  • Cat. 6 lost its significance when 10GBASE-T was introduced in 2006.
  • There is no protocol, which would effectively utilize Cat. 6.
  • A bandwidth of 250 MHz is insufficient for 10GBASE-T and in the case of 1000BASE-T, it is only 32% that is used. This means 170 MHz of wasted bandwidth!
  • In terms of maximum transmission speed, Cat. 6 and Cat. 5E components are identical.
Definitions and features

Cat. 6 components comply with the requirements of Category 6 performance defined in the international standard ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017 (Ed.1.0). Unshielded components are not resistant against electromagnetic interference. Unshielded cables must be installed a distance of up to five times greater away form power cables as compared to shielded cables.


A 25-year warranty is applied on all installations completed by certified “KELine®  installer” and “KELine® planner” after an audit of test data.

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