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1 144projects
502 554registered ports
State administration, government, central organs and institutions
Project name     Number of ports
Judicial Council of Argentina, Buenos Aires (AR)     2482
Army JKP - Unified communications environment, Bratislava (SK)     1500
Australian embassy, Budapest (HU)     260
Office of the Bishop Vilmos Apor, Vác (HU)     100
Customs office Nitra (SR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 406
Customs office Poprad (SR)     26
Tax offices Slovakia (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 236
Tax office, Racianska, Bratislava (SK)     412
Tax office Debrecen (HU)     3064
Tax office Győr (HU)     360
Tax office Buenos Aires - La Plata, (AR)     250
The European Parliament, Budapest (HU)     240
Tax office, České Budějovice (CZ)     100
Tax office, Tachov (CZ)     352
French Embassy, Buenos Aires (AR)     120
Geodetic and Cartographic Institute, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 516
Cabinet of Ministers, Buenos Aires (AR)     confidential
Labour inspectorate, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 696
Jordan Embassy, Bratislava (SK)     138
Office of in-personal papers, documents, Vác (HU)     82
Land Register Office, Banska Bystrica (SK)     181
Regional public prosecution, Banska Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 22
Regional public prosecution, Panevezys (LT)     129
Regional public prosecution, Szolnok (HU)     274
Regional public prosecution, Trnava (SK)     200
Forests of the Czech Republic (CZ)     1000
Air Force Base NATO, MH Pápa (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 320
Air Force Base NATO, MH Pápa (HU)     550
Air Barracks, Prostějov (CZ)     500
Hungarian Parliament, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 336
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Buenos Aires (AR)     101
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 34
Ministry of Agriculture, Buenos Aires (AR)     confidential
Ministry of Justice and courts SR, Bratislava (SK)     3612
Ministry of Justice, Buenos Aires (AR)     confidential
Ministry of Interior SR (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 8211
Ministry of Interior SR (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 1635
Ministry of Interior SR (SK)     5340
Ministry of construction and regional development, Bratislava (SK)     180
Ministry of Health SR, Bratislava, (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 182
National Innovation Agency, Budapest (HU)     470
National Registry of Identification, Capital Federal (AR)     65
National road administration Buenos Aires (AR)     3100
National Office of Information Technology (ONTI), Buenos Aires (AR)     confidential
National Office of Social Services for Pensioners, Buenos Aires (AR)     250
National Telecomunication and information administration, Buenos Aires (AR)     confidential
Public Communication Secretary's Office, Buenos Aires (AR)     confidential
National Institute of Agricultural Consultants (NAKVI), Budapest (HU)     320
District public prosecution, Levice (SK)     108
District prosecutors office, Příbram (CZ)     251
Slovak commercial inspection - Regional inspections (SK)     168
SAME - Buenos Aires (AR)     90
Protected areas management Ponitrie, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 41
Army administrative building, Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí (CZ)     120
Judicial Power of the Province of Buenos Aires, Bahía Blanca (AR)     50
State Security Department, Vilnius (LT)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1020
Argentina State Treasury, Santiago del Estero (AR)     80
Hungarian State Treasury, Miskolc (HU)     130
Health Care Surveillance Authority, Bratislava (SK)     23
County Government Office, Gyömrő (HU)     132
County Government Office, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 796
County Government Office, Szeged (HU)     230
Environment and Water Resources, Budapest (HU)     160
Office of Justice, Zalaegerszeg (HU)     76
Military unit, Božice (CZ)     50
Local government
Project name     Number of ports
Building of self-governing region in Zilina (VÚC), Žilina (SK)     582
General directorate for national roads CHACO (AR)     240
Regional office, Plzeň (CZ)     132
City council Budapest (HU)     560
City council České Budějovice (CZ)     200
City council Košice (SK)     30
City council Opava (CZ)     217
City council Szolnok (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 48
Town hall, Ostrava Hrabůvka (CZ)     183
Town hall, Üllő (HU)     160
Municipal office, Jászberény (HU)     119
Municipal office, Mosonmagyaróvár (HU)     54
Municipal office, Pápa (HU)     40
Municipal office, Szolnok (HU)     600
Municipal office, Bystřice u Benešova (CZ)     24
Municipal office, Frýdek-Místek (CZ)     70
Municipal office, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (CZ)     282
Municipal office, Hlinsko (CZ)     100
Municipal office, Horní Benešov (CZ)     50
Municipal office, Humenné (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 48
Municipal office, Hustopeče (CZ)     300
Municipal office, Karviná (CZ)     600
Municipal office, Košice-Juh, (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 254
Municipal office, Krnov (CZ)     370
Municipal office, Luka nad Jihlavou - Městys (CZ)     40
Municipal office, Malacky (SK)     280
Municipal office, Michalovce (SK)     140
Municipal office, Prostějov (CZ)     120
Municipal office, Rakovník (CZ)     196
Municipal office, Třebíč (CZ)     2196
Municipal office, Vrbove (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 68
District Court Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 162
District Office Bytča (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 136
District Office Gyáli (HU)     137
District Office Monori (HU)     86
District Office Ráckevei (HU)     124
District Office Szentesi (HU)     117
District Office Esteban Echeverría, Monte Grande (AR)     400
Town hall - West annex, Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 104
City Council's Parks and Nature Conservation division Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 178
County borough České Budějovice, property Kněžská (CZ)     226
Labour office, Děčín (CZ)     500
Labour office, Šumperk (CZ)     167
Labour office, Plzeň, (CZ)     540
Police, defence and emergency services
Project name     Number of ports
Police Academy, Bratislava (SK)     20
HaZZ - Fire and Rescue Services of Slovakia (SK)     2172
Border checkpoint Bácsalmás (HU)     100
Rescue center - fire department, Nošovice (CZ)     360
Rescue center - fire department and police, Nošovice (CZ)     1300
Caserne Trávčice (CZ)     254
Institute of criminalistisc and expertise, Department of home affairs SR, Bratislava (SK)     500
Rescue system of Hungary (HU)     1500
National Prison Service, Budapest (HU)     300
National Prison Service, Szombathely (HU)     648
Police of Czech Republic, Červený hrádek (CZ)     60
Police of Czech Republic, České Budějovice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 336
Police of Czech Republic, Ostrava-Hrabůvka - district HQ (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 414
Police of Czech Republic - district HQ, Ostrava (CZ)     140
Police of Czech Republic, Opava - Vaškovo náměstí (CZ)     360
Police of Czech Republic, Plzeň - alien police (CZ)     256
Police of Czech Republic, Plzeň - town HQ (CZ)     922
Police of Czech Republic, Prague - Krakovská (CZ)     200
Police of Czech Republic, Prague - Moravian-Silesian Region (CZ)     200
Police of Czech Republic, Přerov (CZ)     2678
Police of Czech Republic, Velká Polom (CZ)     70
Immigration office, Székesfehérvár (HU)     96
Edificio Cóndor - Fuerza Aérea Argentina, Buenos Aires (AR)     30
House of detention, Bratislava (SK)     326
Salvage and Rescue Service, Zlín (CZ)     332
Banks, insurance companies and investment companies
Project name     Number of ports
AEGON Life insurance, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     400
Allianz Hungary Insurance Co., Győr (HU)     67
Allianz Hungary Insurance Co., Veszprém (HU)     179
Allianz - SP a.s. (DC Slovak Telekom), Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 240
Allianz - SP a.s. (DC Orange), Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 132
AXA, Bratislava (SK)     106
Banco Popolare Česká republika a.s., Prague (CZ)     192
BG Invest a.s., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 156
BNP Paribas, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 192
CzechInvest Prague (CZ)     614
Česká poisťovňa ZDRAVÍ a.s., Prague (CZ)     293
ČSOB bank, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 77
Dexia, Žilina, (SK)     262
Dôvera Insurance, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 58
GE Money Bank, a.s., Prague (CZ)     280
HVB, Plzeň (CZ)     100
National Bank of Hungary - Logistic central, Budapest (HU)     960
MFB Bank, Budapest (HU)     194
National Bank of Argentina, Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (AR)     100
OSDEPYM Insurance Buenos Aires (AR)     300
Poštová Banka, a.s., Headoffice, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 315
Poštová Banka, a.s., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2090
Poštová Banka, a.s., Košice (SK)     50
Poštová Banka, a.s., Trnava (SK)     59
PPF banka, a.s., Prague (CZ)     151
Prima banka Slovakia, a.s., 116 branch offices (SK)     2213
Provident Financial s.r.o., branches Lučenec, N.Zámky, Trenčín (SK)     99
Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 672
Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa (DC), Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 348
Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa (operating network DC), Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 127
Raiffeisen bank, branch offices (SK)     410
Sberbank Slovensko, a.s. , branch offices (SK)     927
Slovenská záručná a rozvojová banka, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     24
Slovintegra, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1200
SLSP, Banská Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1004
SLSP, Lake side, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 279
SLSP, branch offices (SK)     4204
TARSHOP, Buenos Aires (AR)     240
UNIQA insurance, branch offices (SK)     49
Tatra banka, a.s. Škultétyho ul., Topoľčany (SK)     33
Tatra banka, a.s. Štefánikova ul., Bratislava (SK)     100
Tatra banka, a.s. (DC Slovak Telekom), Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 792
Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, branch in Galanta (SK)     110
Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, branch in Rožňava (SK)     80
VÚB BANK Vlárska street, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1422
VÚB BANK (DC Slovak Telekom), Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 146
VÚB BANK, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 632
VÚB BANK, Považská Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 199
Wustenrot - administrative building, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 684
Wustenrot - administrative building, Bratislava (SK)     326
Wustenrot - administrative building, Nové Mesto nad Váhom (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 70
Wustenrot - administrative building, Nové Mesto nad Váhom (SK)     70
Wustenrot, Poprad (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 144
Data centers
Project name Number of optical links   Number of copper links
Allianz - SP a.s. (DC Slovak Telekom), Bratislava (SK) 456 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 240
Allianz - SP a.s. (DC Orange), Bratislava (SK) 300 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 132
Datacentrum DC, Bratislava (SK) 1020 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 138
Datacube DC, Bratislava (SK) 4542 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1692
Finance office DC, Banská Bystrica (SK) 3912 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 732
GTS Slovakia DC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 552
GTS Slovakia DC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 96
Nuclear power station, Mochovce (SK) 768 Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 156
ORANGE Slovakia DC (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2840
PSS, Bratislava DC (SK) 312 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 348
Slovak Telekom a.s. DC, Bratislava (SK) 1704    
Slovak Telekom a.s. DC, Košice (SK) 744    
Slovak Telekom a.s. DC, Prešov (SK) 312    
Tatra banka, a.s. (DC Slovak Telekom), Bratislava (SK) 5364 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 792
University Library in Bratislava central data archive DC (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 240
VÚB BANK (DC Slovak Telekom), Bratislava (SK) 2244 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 146
MÁV GSM-R DC Budapest (HU)     150
Mondi SCP DC, Ružomberok (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 431
Volkswagen Slovakia, DC, Bratislava (SK) 1008    
Volkswagen Slovakia, DC LDR2, Bratislava (SK) 1344    
Railways SR DC, Bratislava (SK) 600 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 330
Railways SR II DC, Bratislava (SK) 600 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 162
Telecommunications, post offices, radio and television
Project name     Number of ports
Argentina digital television a.s., Buenos Aires (AR)     60
Czech Telecom, Brno (CZ)     300
Dial Telecom, Bratislava (SK)     182
GTS Slovakia DC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 552
GTS Slovakia DC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 96
Hungarian Post office, branches (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 690
MEDIA GLOBAL, s.r.o. (Radio TWIST), Bratislava (SK)     200
Metropolitan network, Prešov (SK)     960
O2 Bratislava (SK)     160
O2 Hlinsko (CZ)     100
ORANGE Slovakia DC (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2840
ORANGE Slovakia, stores (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 5266
Radio Del Plata, Buenos Aires (AR)     120
Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires (AR)     30
Slovak Post Office, 561 Post offices (SK)     4554
Telekom - Jarošova, Bratislava (SK)     224
Telekom, Nitra (SK)     18
TV Markíza - studios, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 196
TV Prima a.s., Prague (CZ)     546
TV2 Interatív, Budapest (SK)     310
TV Prima a.s., Prague (CZ)     100
Project name     Number of ports
ALCATEL, Bratislava (SK)     298
ASBIS, Bratislava (SK)     46
ASI IT, Mohelnice, (CZ)     40
AT&T Hamburg (DE)     124
AT&T, Lakeside Park, Bratislava (SK)     2503
CPB Software, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 156
Datalan, a.s., GBC IV., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 470
Datalan, Bratislava (SK)     806
Ditec, Bratislava (SK)     580
EXE s.r.o. Bratislava (SK)     126
Gratex, Bratislava (SK)     910
GTS Slovakia DC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 552
GTS Slovakia DC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 96
IBM Košice (SK)     78
Inseko, a.s., Žilina (SK)     226
NOKIA Networks, Headquarters, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 8042
SAP, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 664
Siemens, Drásov (CZ)     232
Siemens - branch office Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 846
Siemens Program and System Engineering s.r.o, workplace Žilina (SK)     1536
Siemens Program and System Engineering s.r.o., workplaces Košice (SK)     1002
Siemens Program and System Engineering, head office Bratislava (SK)     1200
Soitron, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     142
Unitec Holding, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 400
Project name     Number of ports
Administrative building MÁV Cargo, Budapest (HU)     1390
Bus station, Kecskemét (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 384
Czech Railways, Ostrava (CZ)     400
D8-European Logistic Park, section A5, Kozomín (CZ)     44
DS Logistik, Dunajská Streda (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 158
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Budapest     150
DHL, Hradec Králové (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 480
Transport centre, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
Transport undertaking České Budějovice (CZ)     180
Transport undertaking Debrecen (HU)     130
Transport undertaking Prešov (SK)     114
DPD CZ s.r.o. - new hall, Ostrava (CZ)     176
Express Slovakia, Bratislava (SK)     286
Gebruder Weiss s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     108
GEODIS calberson Slovakia s. r. o., Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 24
Gefco Slovakia, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 52
GLS Hungária, Vecsés (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 252
Horváth Rudolf Intertransport Kft., Hatvan (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 267
Airport Bratislava - CARGO (SK)     200
Airport Bratislava (SK)     458
Airport Bratislava, Air-traffic services, Bratislava (SK)     1050
Airport Debrecén (HU)     450
Airport Náměšť (CZ)     158
Vilnius International Airport - Vilnius (LT)     76
Logistic center Rompa, Vyškov (CZ)     176
Logistic center Atria, Košice (SK)   C6A 10Giga ETHERNET 344
Logistic center TransExpress, Ostrava (CZ)     250
Logistic center Vrakuňa, Bratislava (SK)     56
Airport Bratislava, Air-traffic services, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 17712
Airport Bratislava, Air-traffic services A34, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 912
Airport Bratislava, Air-traffic services ATCC, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 528
Maerks Hungary Kft., Budapest (HU)     150
MÁTRA VOLÁN Bus Transportion, a s., Gyöngyös (HU)     183
MÁV GSM-R DC Budapest (HU)     300
MÁV - Railway stations (HU)     1100
Metrans,a.s. Prague (CZ)     274
National Highway Company (NDS), Bratislava (SK)     178
P3 Logistic Park, Lozorno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 635
P3 Logistic Park, Lozorno (SK)     80
SCANIA (LT)     60
SkyEurope Airlines, Bratislava (SK)     472
Slovak Shipping and Ports (SPaP), Komárno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 94
SPS (UPS), Bratislava (SK)     302
TNT Expres Worldwide, Bratislava (SK)     48
TURANCAR, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 266
Waberer's International Zrt., Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 201
Railways SR DC, Bratislava (SK) 600 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 330
Railways SR DC II, Bratislava (SK) 600 Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 162
Railway station, Békéscsaba (HU)     432
Railway station, Cegléd (HU)     200
Railway station, Szombathelyi (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 288
Railway engineering Tábor (CZ)     100
Railway engineering Zbuch u Plzně, Plzeň (CZ)     100
Public utility services
Project name     Number of ports
Bratislavská teplárenská, a.s., 5 localities (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1375
Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť a.s., 17 localites (SK)     487
Česká plynárenská, Karviná, Ostrava, Nový Jičín (CZ)     120
DRV Zrt., Balatonszéplak (HU)     184
Energetics of Province Entre Ríos a.s., Entre Ríos (AR)     70
FRYMES - Technical Services Ltd., Frydlant Ostravici (CZ)     42
GyörSzolg ZRt., Győr (HU)     250
IAPG (Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas), Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 80
Chamber of surveyors, architects and engineers, CHACO (AR)     30
National water agency, Budapest (HU)     3888
OVIT, Paks (HU)     80
Pražské služby a.s., Prague (CZ)     80
Radioactive waste facility, Bátaapát (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 320
Slovak Bureau of roads, Bratislava - Polianky (SK)     130
Incineration house Malešice, Průmyslová - Prague (CZ)     200
Bureau of roads, Brno (CZ)     180
SSE, a.s. Žilina (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 60
SSE, a.s. Žilina (SK)     46
Technical Services Frýdek Místek (CZ)     30
Heating Plant Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 80
Maintenance of public spaces, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 90
Project name     Number of ports
77 Elektronika Kft., Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 168
ACC Hungary Kft, Bercel (HU)     86
Argentine aluminum plant SAIC, Buenos Aires (AR)     30
ArvinMeritor LVS, Lozorno (SK)     160
AU Optronics, Trenčín (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1721
AU Optronics, Trenčín (SK)     48
Autopark Lozorno (SK)     398
Barum Otrokovice (CZ)     200
Bekaert Hlohovec (SK)     24
Bekaert Hlohovec (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 74
Bekaert Sládkovičovo (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 833
Bekaert Sládkovičovo (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 24
Bel Power Solutions, Dubnica nad Váhom (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 40
Blika, s.r.o., Vranov nad Topľou, (SK)     150
BOD Group, Vilnius (LT)     720
Bodet & Horst Mattress Ticking, Vrbové (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 430
BORCAD cz s.r.o., Fryčovice (CZ)     522
Bos Automotive Products, Mosonszolnok (HU)     200
Brightpoint Slovakia, Lozorno (SK)     2660
Budějovický Budvar n.p., České Budějovice (CZ)     160
Busch výroba cz s.r.o., Liberec (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 487
Cabero Industrial Kft., Kaposvár (HU)     370
CONTINENTAL, Púchov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 360
d’aucy Konzervgyártó Zrt., Debrecen (HU)     190
Dana Fluid Products Slovakia, s.r.o., Dolný Kubín (SK)     98
Daejung Europe, s.r.o., Dubnica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 348
DENSO MANUFACTURING CZECH s.r.o., Liberec (CZ)     250
Derula Manufacturing and Trading, Szolnok (HU)     50
Doosan Bobcat Manufacturing s.r.o., Drásov (CZ)     400
Duropack Brestanica (SI)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 145
Duropack Graz (A)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
Duropack Belišće (HR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 315
Duropack Trakia, Pazardzhik (BG)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 230
Emerson Energy systems, Nové Mesto/Váhom (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Engel strojírenská, Ltd., production hall, Kaplice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 500
Fabory Kft., Szolnok (HU)     108
FCI Connectors Hungary, Tatabánya (HU)     430
Ferroplast, Szekszárd (HU)     50
Fibertex, Svitavy (CZ)     163
Fortel s.r.o. - factory building, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
G3 Facility, Voderady (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 410
GAMA, Litomyšl (CZ)     60
Gamex CB, České Budějovice (CZ)     180
Gates Europe N.V., industrial zone, Karviná (CZ)     100
Glacier Tribometal Slovakia s.r.o., Dolný Kubín (SK)     240
Gon V Auto, Žatec (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 100
Hanon Systems Slovakia, Ilava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 294
Hansol Project Cluster, Voderady (SK)     848
HBPO Slovakia s.r.o. , Lozorno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 64
Hedva, Moravská Třebová (CZ)     100
Hell Energy Magyarország Kft., Szikszó (HU)     81
Hella Slovakia, Bánovce nad Bebravou (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 64
Hella Slovakia, Nové Mesto nad Váhom (SK)     300
Hella Slovakia, Trenčín - AU Optronics areál (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 18
Howe Slovensko s.r.o., Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 102
Hyunnam SK s.r.o., Krásno nad Kysucou (SK)     204
INA Schaeffler Gruppe, Kysucké Nové Mesto (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 302
INERGY Automotive Systems Slovakia, Lozorno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 115
InterLinka s.r.o., Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (CZ)     48
Nuclear power station, Mochovce (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 156
Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia, container village, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 235
JASPLASTIK-SK, Galanta (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 364
JASPLASTIK-SK, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 60
JASPLASTIK-SK, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 40
JAVYS a.s., Jaslovské Bohunice (SK)     60
JTEKT automotive, Plzeň (CZ)     242
Kerox, Sóskút (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1128
Koh-I-Noor, České Budějovice (CZ)     100
KrausMaffei Technologies, Sučany (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 86
KrausMaffei Technologies, Sučany (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 454
Láník Boskovice (CZ)     92
LEAR, Prešov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 382
Lichtgitter CZ s.r.o. - Administrative building, Horní Suchá (CZ)     156
Lichtgitter CZ s.r.o. - Factory hall, Horní Suchá (CZ)     16
LINAPLAST s.r.o., Konice (CZ)     158
Magneti Marelli Sistemi Slovakia, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 552
MATADOR Automotive Vráble, (SK)     45
MAYR-MELNHOF HOLZ Paskov s.r.o. (CZ)     495
McHale Hungária Kft., Szolnok (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 80
Mecaplast Slovakia, Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 102
Mecom Group, Lučenec (SK)     85
Medisize Trhové Sviny (CZ)     60
Mevis Slovakia, s.r.o., Šamorín (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 680
MEWA, Prague-Počernice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 214
MicroStep, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 674
Michatek, k.s. Michalovce (SK)     37
MITAS Otrokovice (CZ)     1203
MIVISIA Hungary Kft, Környe (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 76
Mondi SCP DC, Ružomberok (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 862
Mondi Szada Kft. DC, Szada (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 436
Muramoto, Žebrák (CZ)     150
Nemak Slovakia, Ziar nad Hronom (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Nemak Slovakia, Ziar nad Hronom (SK)     150
New technical center NTC, Lozorno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 288
Oerlikon Balzers, VEĽKÁ IDA, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 156
ON Semiconductor Slovakia, Piešťany (SK)     14
Brewery Krušovice (CZ)     244
Brewery SABMiller, branch offices (SK)     56
PLASTOCHEM BRNO, s.r.o. (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 235
Polyvlies Slovakia s.r.o., Sereď (SK)     19
Power - One s.r.o., Dubnica nad Váhom (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 230
Manufacturing area of Bohuslav Mrózek company, Bystřice nad Olší (CZ)     180
Industrial zone Modřice, Brno (CZ)     1000
Industrial zone Slatina (CZ)     300
Industrial Estate, Hortobágy (HU)     260
Prometal Šumperk, Šumperk (CZ)     120
PSLM, a.s., Považská Bystrica (SK)     14
Purgina s.r.o., factory hall, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 62
Považské strojárne, Letecké Motory a.s., Považská Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 44
Reutter SK s.r.o., Myjava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 399
Rieter CZ, Ústí nad Orlicí (CZ)     72
RIGIPS-Gipszkarton, Gyár (HU)     176
Robert Bosch, České Budějovice (CZ)     360
Rompa-GM, Vyškov (CZ)     176
RSF Elektronik, Stříbro (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2659
SACHS Slovakia, Levice (SK)     290
SAMSUNG Electronics Slovakia s.r.o., Galanta (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 192
SAMSUNG Electronics Slovakia s.r.o., Gáň (SK)     84
SAMSUNG Elektronics ZRt., Jászfényszaru (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 236
SANATMETAL Kft., Eger (HU)     129
SANYO Component Europe GmbH, Lozorno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 271
SAS Automotive, Bratislava (SK)     197
Scintilla Kft., Jászberény (HU)     32
Seba, Tanvald (CZ)     640
Shoptec Fémárugyártó Kft, Csót (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 144
Schindler Dunajská Streda (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 654
Schwan-STABILO ČR, Český Krumlov (CZ)     136
SKC foundry, s.r.o., Štúrovo (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 250
Slovnaft a.s., Office building, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 96
Slovnaft a.s., Reprography, Bratislava (SK)     720
Slovnaft a.s., Datacentrum, Bratislava (SK)     610
Slovnaft a.s., Server room, Bratislava (SK)     720
SSI Technologies s.r.o. Přestanov (CZ)     230
SUNGWOO HITECH s.r.o., Žilina (SK)     552
SUNGWOO HITECH s.r.o., Žilina (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 252
National printers for security documents, factory III, Prague (CZ)     408
STEEP PLAST Nitra (SK)     55
Swoboda, Jihlava Stamping (CZ)     500
Škoda, Plzeň (CZ)     100
Tajco Slovakia, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 112
TCHIBO, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 150
Techno Víz Kft, Szolnok (HU)     124
Tedom, Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ)     40
Termoplast, Jinřichov (CZ)     200
THT Ostrava a.s., Ostrava (CZ)     148
TOS Kuřim, Brno (CZ)     200
TOWER AUTOMOTIVE, Malacky (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 48
Trystom, spol s.r.o., Olomouc (CZ)     24
UVR - Mníšek pod Brdy (CZ)     168
Volkswagen Slovakia - Hall H8, Bratislava (SK)     384
Volkswagen Slovakia - mill, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 260
Volkswagen Slovakia - welding shop H4, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1100
Volkswagen Slovakia - welding shop H4A, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
Volkswagen Slovakia, Bratislava (SK)     1936
VUKI a.s., Bratislava (SK)     72
Vyncke s.r.o., Frýdek Místek - Chlebovice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 231
Production Hall HELLA, Kočovce-Rakoľuby (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 316
Production hall Hetich, Žďár nad Sázavou (CZ)     350
Production hall Puls, Chomutov (CZ)     170
IKO Manufacturing Plant, Industrial Park Senica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 90
Wertheim s.r.o., Dunajská Streda (SK)     290
ZF SACHS Slovakia, a.s., Trnava (SK)     282
ZKW Slovakia, Krušovce (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 654
ZŤS ŠPECIAL a.s., Dubnica nad Váhom (SK)     160
ZVS - IMPEX, Dubnica nad Váhom (SK)     120
Common business sector
Project name     Number of ports
2R Elektro Alarms, Ostrava (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 250
A.G.P. s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     42
A1 - Autosalon, Győr (HU)     240
AAA Auto Piaseczno (PL)     186
AAA Auto, Bratislava (SK)     540
AAA Auto, Budapest (HU)     240
Aariadne Solutions s.r.o., Kráľová pri Senci (SK)     20
AB Drogerie, Senec (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 194
ABB Bratislava, Tuhovská ul. (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 308
ABB Ostrava (CZ)     800
Adidas Slovakia s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 370
AdmDéli Pont, Budapest (HU)     268
Business Building Hayes Lemmerz Autokola a.s., Ostrava (CZ)     100
Law Firm Squarra & Partners, Budapest (HU)     56
AGEMO, Bratislava (SK)     84
Agrotec, Hustopeče (CZ)     200
Agrotec Škoda, Brno (CZ)     190
Albatross Plastunion Rt., Kunszentmárton (HU)     120
Alcan Levice (SK)     154
Alima, Kunovice (CZ)     200
All Finance Services, Bratislava (SK)     452
ALPINE, Bratislava (SK)     150
Altana Pharama, Bratislava (SK)     90
AMBROPEK bakery, Dunajská Streda (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 110
Amitech Argentina S.A., Córdoba (AR)     200
Andric – office building, Humenné (SK)     23
Anext, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     138
Angis, Vyškov (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 284
Anritsu Solutions SK, s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 260
Ares s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     67
Arév Rt., Székesfehérvár (HU)     300
Arrow ECS Kft Budapest (HU)     112
Atlas CopCo, Szigetszentmiklós, (HU)     145
Auto Cardion s.r.o. Brno (CZ)     104
Autocentrum Na Strži, Prague (CZ)     150
Autosalon Ford Nexus, Veszprém (HU)     90
AV ENCORE, a.s., Ostrava - Hrabová (CZ)     278
AVIA a.s., Prague (CZ)     70
Avia Ashok Leyland Motors s.r.o., Prague (CZ)     666
Axelero - center, Budapest (HU)     790
Axxence Slovakia, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 88
B.O.S. Slovakia, Bratislava (SK)     68
BASF Stavební Hmoty Česká republika, Chrudim (CZ)     132
BauHaus, Dunakeszi (HU)     200
BauHaus, Szigetszentmiklós (HU)     640
Baumatic, Liberec (CZ)     150
Béres pharmaceutical company, Szolnok (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 72
Berndorf Sandrik, Žarnovica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 76
Bio Power Plant, Szakoly (HU)     120
Bibus Kft, Vecsés (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
BMW Dubravka, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Brückner Slovakia, Krušovce/Topoľčany (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 280
Old Stavoprojekt building, Prešov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 122
Burberry Prague (CZ)     100
Bureau Veritas, Bratislava (SK)     66
Burger King - 17 locations (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 616
Housing association "Center", Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 118
CA Czech Republic, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 746
Cambridge Technology Partners Kft., Budapest (HU)     262
CANMET, Brno (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 37
Cantina Presto, Al Dente, Bratislava (SK)     30
Carrefour Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires (AR)     220
Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Malženice (SK)     108
CCS, Bratislava (SK)     116
CDC Data, Brno (CZ)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 200
CDC Data, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 402
CEITEC Brno (CZ)     4350
Cenit S.A., Ensenada (AR)     120
Certicon, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 1496
Cigler Marani Architects, a.s., Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 231
Coca Cola Polar Argentina S.A., Bahía Blanca, Provincia Buenos Aires (AR)     280
Coloplast Hungary Kft., Tatabánya (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1230
Consultores de Empresas SRL , Córdoba (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Corvin - pedestrian zone, Budapest (HU)     368
CW Invest, Bratislava (SK)     32
D.I.S. Brno (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1200
D3Soft, Ostrava - Vítkovice (CZ)     308
DAL-COM Kft., Budapest (HU)     140
DALKIA Ostrava, a.s. Branch Ostrava-Jih (CZ)     86
DALKIA Ostrava, a.s. Branch Ostrava-Poruba (CZ)     38
Doka, Ostrava (CZ)     300
DREVONA SLOVAKIA s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 220
Drugstore Multifarma SRL., Córdoba (AR)     38
Eastman S.R.L. – Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 30
Eagle Security a.s., Bratislava (SK)     10
ECKER-KÁN & partners, s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     53
Elanor Slovakia, Galanta (SK)     24
Electrolux, Prague (CZ)     212
Eleprint S.A., Berisso (AR)     300
ELTEC Holding Rt., Budapest (HU)     120
ENDRESZ Kft., Eger (HU)     24
Eromont Group, Most (CZ)     792
ETIS Slovakia, a.s., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 50
EVPÚ a.s., Nová Dubnica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 698
Ewopharma s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     30
Fabory Brno (CZ)     150
Pharmaceutical laboratory Veinfar Industrial y Comercial S.A., Buenos Aires (AR)     95
Fate S.A., Buenos Aires (AR)     52
FCM s.r.o., Piešťany (SK)     428
FINDASENSE CONO SUR S.A. Buenos Aires (AR)     120
Firts Clients - kancelárie, Budapest (HU)     480
Fornex, Brno (CZ)     100
Fuchs oil, Ostrava (CZ)     50
GBM Slovakia, s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 54
GEA EGI, Jászberény (HU)     60
Geprojekt, Šumperk, (CZ)     50
GLOBAL IMMO Ingatlanbefektetési Kft., Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 374
Global-Union, Budapest, (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Grundfos Hungary, Törökbálint (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Hala Bextra, Ostrava (CZ)     90
Halmschláger Trade Zrt. ( CBA ), Budapest (HU)     150
Hameln rds a.s., Modra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 18
HBM Pharma s.r.o., Martin (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 72
Hestego, Olomouc (CZ)     90
HÍLEK a spol. - STK, Dunajská Streda (SK)     52
HILTI, Košice (SK)     68
HT Steel a.s., Brno (CZ)     200
Hundai Motor Czech, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 107
Checkpoint Systems Slovakia, s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     48
CHOV SERVIS a.s. - Division Masokombinát Toro Hlavečník, Hradec Králové (CZ)     168
Chromasound, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 47
IDC holding, Sereď (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 488
IDC holding, Sereď (SK)     48
InterJNet Számítástechnikai Kft., Jászberény (HU)     44
IEM (Energoprojekt), Prague (CZ)     220
IFL Consulting s.r.o., Dunajská Streda (SK)     30
IMCa, s.r.o., Stupava (SK)     48
IMOS-Systemair, Kalinkovo     96
Inforama, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     650
Information center for businessmans, s.r.o., Žilina (SK)     1072
IP systém a.s., Olomouc (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 344
ISOMEX spol. s r.o., Bratislava (SK)     60
Jacob Fleming Group, Bratislava (SK)     164
JCI S.R.L. – Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 125
Johnson & Johnson, Bratislava (SK)     144
Johnson Controls, Mezőlak (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Jungheinrich, spol. s r.o., Senec (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 346
Just Play - wholesale center, Bratislava (SK)     450
Kalorie, Olomouc (CZ)     20
Kansai Toyota, Buenos Aires (AR)     20
Katalog servis, Šťáhlavy (CZ)     62
Kentico Software, Brno (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 980
Keramika Soukup, Žilina (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 150
Keskeny printhouse, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 264
Kimberley-Clark, s.r.o., Danube House, Prague (CZ)     262
Kingspan a.s., Hradec Králové (CZ)     220
KLIMA KONZULT s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 300
KMV BUS s.r.o., Nitra (SK)     56
KNAUF Bratislava s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 130
Wholesale Book Trade PEMIC a.s., Ostrava (CZ)     300
Kodak Argentina S.A. Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 50
Komandor Slovensko, Bratislava (SK)     72
KPM Group, Plzeň (CZ)     36
KREAL s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     450
Kreator, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     160
KRUGEL EXIM Distribution s.a., Bucuresti (RO)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 80
Kuenz - SK s.r.o., Košice (SK)     99
Laurus Solution Kft., Budapest (HU)     40
Le Chéque Déjeuner, Budapest (HU)     260
Le Chéque Déjeuner, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Lotería de Córdoba S.E., Córdoba (AR)     80
Malina Safety, Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ)     140
MALSTAV Invest s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     59
MANDAT CONSULTING, k.s., Bratislava (SK)     60
MANN+HUMMEL, Okříšky (CZ)     200
MEDIATEL, Prague (CZ)     340
Medical Technologies CZ a.s., Prague (CZ)     414
Medife S.A., Santa Fe (AR)     85
Mercado Libre S.A., Buenos Aires (AR)     160
Metrostav SK a.s., Bratislava (SK)     390
Micro Trading a.s., Podivín (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 240
Mitag, Brno (CZ)     50
Moeller Electric, Bratislava (SK)     100
Mora Aerospace, a.s., Hlubočky-Mariánské Údolí (CZ)     540
Moravská stavební - INVEST a.s., Brno (CZ)     838
Multifunctional building Elcom VTP Ostrava (CZ)     666
MUW SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 240
MVM Partner Energiakereskedelmi Zrt., Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 348
Nalco - Ecolab, Buenos Aires (AR)     60
MAYR-MELNHOF HOLZ Paskov s.r.o., Paskov (CZ)     440
Navigátor Rt., Budapest (HU)     488
Netsoft, Pécs (HU)     60
New Yorker Česká republika (CZ)     264
NIKAR s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 147
NNG office building, Budapest (HU)     3106
NNG, Szeged (HU)     146
NPO InterElectroMontage s.r.o., Prague (CZ)     210
OHL Structural Engineering, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 192
OHL-ŽS Brno – Tunnel building Poděbradova 26, Brno (CZ)     120
Olympic Casino - Eurovea, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 124
OLYMPUS, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 162
OMV (CZ)     312
OMNIPUBLIC, Bratislava (SK)     39
ORGANON, Bratislava (SK)     16
ORCHARD - administrative buildings, Ostrava (CZ)     685
P92 Kft., Budapest (HU)     120
Peguform Slovakia, Galanta (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 48
Pekárne Le Pain Quotidien, Buenos Aires (AR)     100
Pernod Ricard Hungary Kft., Budapest (HU)     149
Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 240
Philips, Bratislava (SK)     246
Philips, Budapest (HU)     192
PKS Holding, Žďár nad Sázavou (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 140
Pliva, Bratislava (SK)     68
Polyfunctional object BSP Solutions, Patrónka, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 406
Polyfunctional object INGSTEEL, Bratislava (SK)     1584
PRETL Kft, Szekszárd (HU)     30
PRICO s.r.o, Bratislava (SK)     450
Progress Promotion Bratislava, s.r.o. (SK)     48
Prvá zváračská, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     100
Pumpa a.s. - predajňa Brno (CZ)     516
Quelle, Budapest (HU)     180
Quintiles GesmbH - branch, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 204
R70 administrative building, 1st floor., Budapest (HU)     84
REAL-EX, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 80
Reaktortest s.r.o. Trnava (SK)     52
RÉGIÓ HOLDING Kft., Eger (HU)     67
RENOMIA s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     119
SATORI STAGE s.r.o. Bratislava (SK)     32
Center of Doka in Ostrava (CZ)     300
SC Lesto - Vilnius (LT)     118
Schering AG, Bratislava (SK)     45
Schnellecke Slovakia, s.r.o., Lozorno (SK)     600
Schnellecke Slovakia, s.r.o., Lozorno (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 139
Simba Toys Hungária, Biatorbágy (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 24
Sinit, Třinec (CZ)     46
Slovaktual, Pravenec (SK)     482
ST.NICOLAUS - trade, Bratislava (SK)     240
Stadler Szolnok Vasúti Járműgyártó Kft., Szolnok (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 146
STO s.r.o., Čestlice (CZ)     102
Stoklasa textilní galanterie s.r.o., Brno (CZ)     150
Strabag - branch offices (CZ)     140
Strabag, Čierna pri Čadci (SK)     58
Swedwood Sopron Bútor Kft, Sopron (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 440
Swepro, Bratislava (SK)     52
Terramet, Prague (CZ)     194
TESCOMA - store Prague (CZ)     177
Teva Magyarország Zrt., Debrecen (HU)     800
TIMED, s.r.o., Bratislava (SK)     154
TIPOS a.s., Bratislava (SK)     38
Torre Deco, Buenos Aires (AR)     240
Trendcar Šenov (CZ)     50
T-Systems Infopark, Budapest (HU)     300
Unimodus - Porshe salon, Vilnius (LT)     59
Unipharma Prievidza (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 420
Universal Media Corporation Slovakia, Nové Mesto/Váhom (SK)     271
Unomedical s.r.o., Michalovce (SK)     800
V.P.F. Medium spol. s r. o. Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 56
VAKERT, Košice (SK)     191
VALEO Slovakia s.r.o., Košice-Pereš (SK)     166
Veeva Systems Hungary Kft. Budapest (HU)     393
Wholesale ORION, Litomyšl (CZ)     111
VEREX ŽILINA a.s., Žilina (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 130
VETRO-PLUS a.s., stock Pardubice (CZ)     40
V-Invest s.r.o., Piešťany (SK)     40
Volvo & Landrover, Bratislava (SK)     102
VOLZ filters SK, Martin (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 226
VUIS NOVA, spol. s r.o., Bratislava (SK)     1900
Publishing Editorial Sudamericana S.A., Buenos Aires (AR)     90
Publishing Petőfi Nepe, Kecskemét (HU)     120
WAGON Slovakia Košice (SK)     120
Whirlpool, Bratislava (SK)     182
Winkler & Benkovics, Bratislava (SK)     16
Winkler & Estate, Bratislava (SK)     24
Business centers
Project name     Number of ports
ABLON Business Center, Budapest (HU)     3900
Absolute Business Center (BBC V ABC), Bratislava (SK)     5600
Administrative building - Building Trade, Žilina (SK)     1530
Administrative building Dunajská, Bratislava (SK)     160
Administrative building Forte Extra, Panónska cesta, Bratislava (SK)     1400
Administrative building HAMILTON HOUSE, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1680
Administrative building PetriTrend, Púchov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 170
Administrative building TIZIA, Prague (CZ)     550
Administrative building Transcom, Budapest (HU)     1000
Administratve building Trnavská, Bratislava (SK)     888
Administrative buildings ORCHARD, Ostrava (CZ)     526
Alkotás – administrative building, Budapest (HU)     600
Anděl, Prague (CZ)     2039
AREAL Slatina, building N, Brno (CZ)     320
Arkád, Györ (HU)     600
BC ARUBA, Bratislava (SK)     80
Brno Business Park, Brno (CZ)     1429
Budafoki Business Center, Budapest (HU)     80
Business center 91 - Budapest (HU)     109
Bussines center Wallenrod, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 744
Business Gate, Karviná (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 110
CPI City Center, Ústí nad Labem (CZ)     318
CTZone Brno (CZ)     105
Černovické terasy, Brno (CZ)     600
Danube House, Prague (CZ)     280
Dom Máriássy, Budapest (HU)     500
EAST Building Prague (CZ)     456
Europeum Business Centrum Bratislava (SK)     136
Ferihegy Business Center, Budapest (HU)     368
GE-Tungsram Business Center, Budapest (HU)     240
Lakeside Park, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 140
Marina Office Center, Prague (CZ)     180
Multifunctional building, UAB ”MINSKO 3” Vilnius (LT)     1744
Multifunctional building, Viedenska street, Brno (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 80
Administrative building BISKUPSKÁ, Ostrava (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2152
Office Center Budějovická alej, Prague (CZ)     300
Office Center Pankrác, Prague (CZ)     756
Office Center Trinity, Brno (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 350
Office Depot, Budapest (HU)     320
Office Depot, Kecskemét (HU)     160
Office Depot, Nyíregyháza (HU)     160
OMG - Panoráma centrum, Prague (CZ)     160
Parkway - administrative buildings, Budapest (HU)     4050
Polus Tower 1, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 110
River Park, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 260
Smíchov Gate, Prague (CZ)     3942
South Point, Prague (CZ)     120
TIZIA administrative building, Prague (CZ)     550
V17 office building, Budapest (HU)     280
Vizivárosské BC, Budapest (HU)     149
Westend Gate Bussines Park, Bratislava (SK)     8558
Supermarkets and shopping malls
Project name     Number of ports
BAUMARKET, shopping mall, Prešov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 160
Baumax SR, Bratislava (SK)     184
Billa, Žilina (SK)     61
CBA Logistic centre Szeged (HU)     420
COOP Jednota, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1014
COOP Jednota, Liptovský Mikuláš (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 46
Europa Shopping & Relax Center, Zvolen (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 79
Fitosová Mária - FIMA MÖBEL - warehouse, Bratislava (SK)     58
Supermarket FRESH, Košice (SK)     48
Supermarket FRESH, Košice (SK)     180
Supermarket FRESH, Prešov (SK)     79
HOBBI, Bratislava (SK)     49
Hypermarket “La Nueva” – Goya, Provincia de Corrientes (AR)     100
JYSK, trade network (HU)     50
Kaufland, Ilava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 78
Kika Banská Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 566
Labaš s.r.o. Košice (SK)     24
Arkád Supermarket, Szeged (HU)     412
Shopping centre Gallery MLYNY, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1185
Shopping centre Baumax Lamač - admin. building Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 144
Shopping Center Golding, Budapest (HU)     272
Shopping mall Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 760
Shopping mall Prisma (LT)     162
Shopping mall Sconto - Trmice, Ústí nad Labem (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 300
Shopping mall TREI, Zlaté Moravce, (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 20
Shoping center Palóc (HU)     126
OBI, Budapest (HU)     1200
ONE Fashion Outlet, Voderady (SK)     185
OSC Mlyny, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 873
Panta Rhei + Ikar, Headquarters Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 398
Panta Rhei - 26 Book stores (SK)     780
Praktiker, Budapešť (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
Prior Laso, Ostrava (CZ)     120
Prior Prostějov (CZ)     200
SORAVIA Centrum, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 400
Spectrum stores a.s. - reconstruction, Ostrava (CZ)     131
Tarjeta Shopping S.A. - Córdoba (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 45
Market Szegedi Zöldség-Gyümölcs Nagybani Piac, Szeged (HU)     200
Market Borjú, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 152
Hotels, tourism
Project name     Number of ports
Botanical garden, Prague (CZ)     170
First Site Hotel, Budapest (HU)     780
Hotel and office building Vysoká, Bratislava (SK)     1245
Hotel Ambassador, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 90
Hotel Argentinská hvězda, Prague (CZ)     1250
Hotel ARMAN, Nižná (SK)     162
Hotel Bílá Labuť, Prague (CZ)     206
Hotel Carlton, Bratislava (SK)   C6A 10Giga ETHERNET 350
Hotel Clarion, Prague (CZ)     2700
Hotel Danubius Flamenco, Budapest (HU)     732
Hotel Devín, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 288
Hotel DOMICA Resort , Domica (SK)     208
Hotel Double Tree by Hilton, Bratislava (SK)     1107
Hotel Esplanade, Piešťany (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 276
Hotel EURO, Pardubice (CZ)     160
Hotel Four Seasons, Buenos Aires (AR)     30
Hotel Garden, Szolnok (HU)     51
Hotel Gate one, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 853
Hotel Hankook, Dunaújváros (HU)     800
Hotel Hilton, Buenos Aires (AR)     490
Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Bratislava (SK)     246
Hotel Intersur, Buenos Aires (AR)     700
Hotel Jalta, Michalovce (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Hotel Lomnica, Vysoké Tatry (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 410
Hotel Lycium, Debrecen (HU)     312
Hotel Panamericano, Buenos Aires (AR)     10
Hotel PELION, Tapolca (HU)     739
Hotel pod Lipou, Modra (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 98
Hotel Prag Inn, Prague (CZ)     200
Hotel RADAR, Nižná (SK)     160
Hotel with SPA, Lednice (CZ)     100
Hotel Thermál, Debrecen (HU)     114
Shepherd's hut, Ružomberok (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 144
Hotel Beskydy, Sihelné (SK)     82
Hotel Rozsutec, Vrátna (SK)     69
Poľana, a.s. (hotel Kolowrat), Tatranská Javorina (SK)     200
RESIDENCE HOTEL Donovaly (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1017
Hotel Duda - MěÚ Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (CZ)     220
Thermal park Bešeňová (SK)     480
Residential and mixed-use buildings
Project name     Number of ports
Block of flats Filmařská, Prague (CZ)     308
Block of flats Hostivice (CZ)     460
Block of flats ICT, Bratislava (SK)     70
Block of flats Měšice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 350
Block of flats Petříkova, Prague (CZ)     426
Block of flats Štěpánská školská, Prague (CZ)     470
Complex of flats KOLOSEO, Bratislava (SK)     1840
Complex of flats Na Slupi, Prague (CZ)     923
EDEN PARK Bratislava (SK)     336
eFi Palace, Brno (CZ)     300
Europeum, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
Polyfunctional object - Jégeho alej, Bratislava (SK)     724
Polyfunctional object - Gagarinova street, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 476
Polyfunctional building Gaudí, Bratislava (SK)     498
Polyfunctional object Pardubice, (CZ)     581
Polyfunctional object - Nová Mýtna, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 374
Reconstruction of the flat-building, Mlýnská 5, Ostrava (CZ)     120
Reconstruction of the flat-building, Nerudova 23, Ostrava - Vítkovice (CZ)     153
Reconstruction of the hostel Rendez, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 832
Residence Grunty - Líščie údolie, Bratislava (SK)     78
Residential Complex III Veže, Bratislava (SK)     1500
Hostel Hankook Munkásszálló, Dunaújváros (HU)     374
Vienna Gate, Bratislava-Petržalka (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 180
Zuckermandel, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 4070
Project name     Number of ports
CEMEPLA, Buenos Aires (AR)     98
Central Ambulance Service Recovery Management, Budapest (HU)     420
DE OEC IN-VITRO, Debrecen (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Child´s diagnostic hospital Liberec (CZ)     148
Faculty Children's Hospital, Brno (CZ)     90
Faculty Hospital Motol, Praha (CZ)     295
Faculty Hospital Nové Zámky - new pavilions (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Forlife n.o., hospital Komárno (SK)     262
Forlife n.o., hospital Šaľa (SK)     306
Hospice, Liberec (CZ)     410
Hospice Jakubovo námestie, Bratislava (SK)     336
Station hygiene of region of Moravskoslezsko, Nový Jičín (CZ)     160
Institute for blind, Budapest (HU)     199
IZD - MRI, Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 83
Cardiological centre, Prague (CZ)     80
Dudince Spa, baths Rubín (SK)     196
Nimnica Spa (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 160
Green Frog Spa, Trenčianské Teplice (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 81
Spa House, Priessnitz, Jeseník (CZ)     60
MÁV hospital Szolnok (HU)     210
MCT Radiology, Druskininkai (LT)     295
Medirex, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 690
National Blood Service SR, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 332
Hospital Benešov (CZ)     800
Hospital Csornai Margit (HU)     250
Hospital České Budějovice (CZ)     302
Hospital Deák Jenő Kórház, Tapolca (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 193
Hospital Dr. I. Pirovano - Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 26
Hospital FN Motol, Praha (CZ)     295
Hospital Hetényi Géza, Szolnok (HU)     196
Hospital José T. Borda - Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 60
Hospital Kátai Gábor, Karcag (HU)     270
Hospital Morón, Morón (AR)     50
Hospital Magyar Imre, Ajka (HU)     800
Hospital Poprad, a.s., Poprad (SK)     96
Hospital Ružinov, Bratislava (SK)     74
Hospital st. Michael, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 1790
Hospital with health centre MEDISSIMO, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1200
Hospital with health centre S.Kukuru, Michalovce (SK)     126
Hospital with health centre, Hlohovec (SK)     300
Hospital with health centre, Levice (SK)     280
Hospital with health centre, Nové Mesto nad Váhom (SK)     70
Hospital Torcuato de Alvear - Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 28
Hospital, Bonyhád (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 160
Hospital, Svet zdravia a.s., Humenné (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 114
Hospital, Svet zdravia a.s., Humenné (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 41
Hospital, Svet zdravia a.s., Rimavská Sobota (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 356
Hospital, Svet zdravia a.s., Spišská Nová Ves (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 22
Hospital, Svet zdravia a.s., Spišská Nová Ves (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 255
Hospital, Siklós (HU)     360
Hospital Bohunice - Brno (CZ)     183
Hospital Vyškov (CZ)     222
Policlinics Szegede (HU)     1924
New South Side Hospital “Principe de Asturias”, Provincia Cordoba (AR)     110
St.Elisabeth Cancer Institute, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 98
Payer - hall, Ajka (HU)     294
Polyclinic Liptovský Mikuláš (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 360
Policlinics, Polgár (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 140
Policlinics Udernická ulica, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 132
Policlinics Vajnorská, Bratislava (SK)     46
Private clinic, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 70
Rehabilitation & Diagnostic Centre for Top-performance Sport, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 574
SLK Piešťany, Balneotherapy (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 473
Dental clinic FN Motol, Praha (CZ)     220
TOP-MED, a.s., Bratislava (SK)     64
Institute of blind people, Budapest (HU)     505
Uzsoki Hospital, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1362
Hospital, Veľký Krtíš (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 132
Žilpo, Health Centre of Žilina, Žilina (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 162
Education, Science
Project name     Number of ports
Budapest Business School, Budapest (HU)     620
Budapest Technical University, building "Q", Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 3472
Budapest Technical University, building "Z", Budapest (HU)     700
Centre of Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling, Bratislava (SK)     64
CESEB University Campus MU, Brno - Bohunice (CZ)     2371
Cyril and Metod's Grammar-school, Primary-school and Kindergarten, Prostějov (CZ)     148
University Corvinus – new building, Budapest (HU)     3223
College of Dunaujvaros, Dunaújváros (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 380
Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 114
Faculty of elektrotechnics and informatics STU, Bratislava (SK)     80
Faculty of Healthcare, Banska Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Geologic institute SAV, Banská Bystrica (SK)     264
Geologic institute SAV, Bratislava (SK)     208
Grammar-school Béri Balogh Adám, Tamási (HU)     360
Grammar-school Lovassy László, Veszprém (HU)     204
Grammar-school Liberec (CZ)     60
Grammar-school Metodova, Bratislava (SK)     153
Grammar-school Púchov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 160
Grammar-school Trebišov (SK)     84
Grammar-school Trnava (SK)     180
Informative training center, Debrecen (HU)     233
Innovation center, Balatonfüreden (HU)     110
Innovation center, Sopron (HU)     600
DE OEC II. college, Debrecen (HU)     472
College, Mlynská dolina, Bratislava (SK)     680
College, Mlynská dolina, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 150
College, Mlynská dolina, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 440
Jessenius medical faculty UK, Martin (SK)     1074
Jessenius medical faculty UK, Martin (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 258
Jessenius medical faculty UK, Martin (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 74
University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1924
University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice (CZ)     250
Special library of South Chech, České Budějovice (CZ)     280
Charles University , Prague (CZ)     2860
Charles University , Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 322
Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest (HU)     992
Congress center "Kölcsey Ferenc", Debrecen (HU)     494
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius (LT)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 65
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 3600
MAN Learning Center, Dunaharaszti (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 384
MediPark, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1301
Business Academy Hořovice (CZ)     300
University of Ostrava, Ostrava (CZ)     698
Large auditorium pavilion VŠB-TUO, FAST, Ostrava (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 905
Faculty of Education, Brno (CZ)     260
University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Agriculture, České Budějovice (CZ)     60
University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Agriculture, Olomouc (CZ)     100
University of agriculture, Debrecen (HU)     240
University of Trnava, School of Law, Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 708
University of Prešov, Prešov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2380
University of Prešov, Faculty of Management, Prešov (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
University of Natural Science, Debrecen (HU)     1350
University of the Reformed Church Károli Gáspár Budapest (HU)     630
Regional Integrated Vocational Training Centre Szolnok (HU)     100
SAUFLON ACADEMY Education centrum, Gyál (HU)     51
Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 3088
Slovak University of Agriculture - Agrobiotech, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 608
Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 2000
Slovak Medical university, faculty of Heathcare, Banská Bystrica (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 280
Start-up center Mlynská dolina, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 417
Faculty of civil engineering, STU, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 392
Secondary School Colegio Tarbut, Buenos Aires (AR)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 183
Secondary Schoo Havířov-Šumbark, Havířov (CZ)     322
Secondary Technical School, Jihlava (CZ)     632
Secondary Medical School, Szekszárd (HU)     120
Secondary Medical School, Ústí nad Orlicí (CZ)     210
Central European University, Budapest (HU)     170
Trade and Tourism School, Veszprém (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 100
Training Centre of seamen “Omar Rupp”, Córdoba (AR)     25
Training Centre Tessedik Sámuel, Békéscaba (HU)     220
State Language School, Žilina (SK)     18
Student Halls, Bratislava (SK)     4048
Student Halls UPJŠ, Medická 6 blok A, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 375
Technical university Liberec - college Harcov (CZ)     1000
Technical university Zvolen - college Bariny (SK)     1216
Technical university Zvolen - college Ľ.Štúr (SK)     1536
Technical university Zvolen - college Záhonok (SK)     245
Technological incubator, Brno (CZ)     2026
University od Trnava, Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 766
UK Bratislava, Mlynské Luhy (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 464
UK University science park, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A HD 10Giga ETHERNET 1308
University of Aleksandro Stulginskio, Kauno (LT)     190
University of Cyril and Methodius, Trnava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 510
University of Debrecen - Building of Clinic, Debrecen (HU)     700
University of Debrecen - Medical and Healthcare Center, Debrecen (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 243
University Jana Evangelisty Purkyně, Ústí nad Labem (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 1079
University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 222
Univerzita of Lujanu, Provincia Buenos Aires (AR)     30
University of Matthias Bel, faculty of Economics, Banská Bystrica (SK)     860
Palacky University, Department of education, Olomouc (CZ)     230
Palacky University, Department of Optics, Olomouc (CZ)     640
University of Saint Stephen, Gödöllő (HU)     400
University UHK, Hradec Králové (CZ)     1288
University Library in Bratislava central data archive (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 480
Hospital of L. Pasteur, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 144
Institute of measurement science SAV, Bratislava (SK)     296
Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia, Plzen (CZ)     626
UVLF, Data Center, Košice (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 582
Science and Technology Park, Plzeň (CZ)     670
Vilnius University, JGMC, (LT)     1744
VUT FAST Brno, Brno (CZ)     165
Apor Vilmos University, Vác (HU)     120
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava - Hall + CIT, Ostrava (CZ)     1400
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava - Pavilion ITT, EIT and AS, Ostrava (CZ)     336
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava - college and student hall, Ostrava (CZ)     854
School of Economics and Management, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 628
University ELTE, Budapest (HU)     1200
University campus Ľ. Štúra – Mlyny UK, Bratislava (SK)     970
Residence KELTE III., Debrecen (HU)     1075
Residence, Debrecen (HU)     1800
Illyes Gyula College of Education Center, Szekszárd (HU)     280
Educational establishment of University of Economics Bratislava, Virt (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 94
Primary School Bálinta Mártona and gym, Törökbbálint (HU)     250
Primary School Břežany (CZ)     450
Primary School Dózsa György, Veszprém (HU)     154
Primary School Janáčkova, Krnov (CZ)     86
Primary School, Kozlovice (CZ)     146
Primary School Tarczy Lajos, Pápa (HU)     140
Primary School Náměstí Svobody, Praha (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 639
Primary School Nuselská, Prague (CZ)     180
Primary School Orlová, Lutyně (CZ)     106
Primary School Purkyňova, Vyškov (CZ)     48
Primary School Sekanina, Ostrava (CZ)     200
Primary School Saint Stephen, Budapest (HU)     170
Primary School Třida Generála Píky, Ostrava (CZ)     420
Primary School Třida Generála Píky, Ostrava-Radvanice (CZ)     131
Primary School, Diviaky nad Nitricou (SK)     22
Primary School, Šumperk (CZ)     90
West Hungary University, Mosonmagyarovár, (HU)     60
Faculty of Health and Social Studies, České Budějovice (CZ)     320
University of Žilina, Žilina (SK)     3860
Culture and arts, sport
Project name     Number of ports
AMIA - Center for Jewish communities, Buenos Aires (AR)     40
Incheba, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 321
Culture center, Buenos Aires (AR)     30
Culture centers for post offices, Budapest (HU)     24
Culture house, Písek (CZ)     60
Jockey Club (Golf), San Isidro (AR)     30
La Rural, exhibition centre, Buenos Aires (AR)     55
Historic building Lannův Palác, Praha (CZ)     360
Air museum REP TÁR, Szolnok (HU)     168
Hungarian Circus, Budapest (HU)     50
Colon theatre opera house, Buenos Aires (AR)     50
Meglaton Center (Fitness), Buenos Aires (AR)     190
Religious Association of the Church of Jesus Christ, Klaipéda (LT)     53
National sport centrum, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 496
National theatre moravskoslezské, Ostrava (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 162
National Library of Czech republic, Prague (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 910
National historical and monumental park, Ópusztaszer (HU)     90
Memorial Hodonín u Kunštátu (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 100
National Heritage Institute, České Budějovice (CZ)     110
Pilar Golf Club, Pilar (AR)     50
Racing club, Avellaneda (AR)     45
Regional multi-art centre, REÖK palace, Szeged (HU)     42
Slovak National Library, Martin (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 540
Slovak National Museum, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 376
Slovak National Theater - historical building, Bratislava (SK)     190
Slovak National Gallery - Zvolen Castle, Zvolen (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 26
Stadium Kvapil.A., Olomouc (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 60
Stadium Juliska, Praha (CZ)     410
Špilberk, Brno (CZ)     1084
Sports swimming – pool, Debrecen (HU)     280
Technical museum Tatra, Kopřivnice (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 200
Tribune stadium Olomouc (CZ)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 120
Water polo Aréna, Szolnok (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 40
Winter stadium HC Pertržalka, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 45
Ondrej Nepala Arena, Bratislava (SK)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 648
Spike Arena, Budapest (HU)   Cat.6A 10Giga ETHERNET 526
Non profit organisations
Project name     Number of ports
Center for Seniors - ZAHRADA, Bystřice pod Hostýnem (CZ)     438
Foster Home, frýdek-Místek (CZ)     22
Retirement home, Nové Zámky (SK)     120
Öregotthon, Havířov (CZ)     370
Foundation Bay Zoltán, Miskolc (HU)     300
National Federation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ), Budapest (HU)     113
Social Centre, Balatonfüred (HU)     52
Úsmev ako dar (association of friends of children from foster homes), Bratislava (SK)     64