FTP (F/UTP) cable, 4x2xAWG24, Category 5E, 300 MHz, LSOH, Euroclass B2ca - s1, d1, a1

P/N: KE300S24LSOH-B2ca
  • the highest class of reaction to fire rating relevant to data cables, that meets the most stringent regulations and fire safety directives within EU
  • cable shielded with AL/PET foil, halogen-free sheath 
  • enables transmission of all high-speed protocols up to 1000BASE-T
  • tested in bandwidth up to 300 MHz
  • enables RJ45 connectors to be mounted directly to a cable

Technical specification

Min. bending radius - installation 50 mm
Min. bending radius - operation 25 mm
Max. tensile load 110 N (11 kg)
Temperature range - installation 0°C to +60°C
Temperature range - operation -20°C to +60°C
Outer cable diameter 6,3 mm
Copper conductor diameter AWG 24
NVP cca 69 %
Reaction to fire B2ca - s1a, d1, a1
Fire safety flame retardant, low smoke, halogen-free, non-corrosive

Certificates and Warranties


The determination of Reaction to Fire Class Performance of this cable has been performed by Product Certification Body notified by European Commision, which also carries out the assessment and verification of constant performance (AVCP) in the System 1+.


25-Year System Warranty