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Portfolio of latest KELine® projects
Maximum safety with KELine®

Projects in which installed structured cabling meets the requirements of reaction to fire Euroclass B2ca - s1, d1, a1 in accordance with applicable fire safety regulations of construction works and CPR. 

New toolless FM45/s connector
15.December 2015
for direct termination on Cat.7A, Cat.7, Cat.6A, Cat.6, Cat.5E cables
Compatibility with other brands’ mounting hardware
KELine® keystone jack compatibility with other brands’ outlets, ducts and floor boxes    
New products in KELine® portfolio
New product in KELine® portfolio
27.November 2014
Residential distribution cabinet
KELine® Intelligent system for monitoring and management of physical layer network
12.June 2014
Administrators of large networks and data centers face problems with confusing or out of date documentation of connected ports within structured cabling networks. Re-patching in such networks  due to the number of ports is a time consuming process that increases errors and system downtime. KeLine has introduced a solution called KELine® Intelligent.
Quality audit of the manufacturer's production and QA sites in 2013
9.December 2013

This year, independent laboratories 3P and Delta, carried out a regular inspection of manufacturer's production, quality control and compliance with international standards of KELine products Cable Cat.6 250MHz, Cat.6A 500MHz, Cat.6A 550MHz, Cat.7 900MHz, CAT.7A 1200MHz and KELine components Cat.6A Keystone Jack, Cat.6A patch panels and Cat.6A patch cable. Based on the positive results of the audit, validation of certificates has been extended. This applies to the entire portfolio of tested products.

A closer look at cabling performance of Cat.5E, Cat.6 and Cat.6A
24.October 2013
International standards have defined five cabling categories: Cat.5E, Cat.6, Cat.6A Cat.7, Cat.7A. However, there are only two performance levels represented by two transmission speeds - 1 Gigabit/s and 10 Gigabit/s. Cat.5E is efficient for networks with transmission speed of 1 Gigabit/s whereas Cat.6A is optimal for networks with transmission speed of 10 Gigabit/s.
Optical cables and components categorized according
to the latest international standards
24.October 2013
Recent high-speed protocols for optical cabling have triggered the development of new types of optical fibers and their new categorization. The initial categorization of fibers was based on glass core/cladding diameters of 50/125 μm, 62,5/125 μm or 9/12 μm.
Up to 63% of Cat.6A components in Eastern Europe may be fake
28.August 2013
Properties of Cat.6A components can be verified only in specialized laboratories. Therefore untested components without a credible certificate cannot guarantee transmission speed 10 Gb/s or 10 GBASE-T.
5.June 2013
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