Results of independent production and quality audit of the Keline products

ISO 9001: 2015

Because the quality of Keline products has always been our main priority ever since the launch of the brand in 2003, over the years we have developed a robust approach to quality control covering multiple aspects which all contribute to the reliability of the final product. Recently, our company underwent a regular audit and has been successfully recertified according to EN/ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

Independent production and quality audit

The quality of the products themselves is under the constant supervision of independent international testing laboratories. Laboratories FORCE Technology, 3P and GHMT carried out a regular inspection of the manufacturer's production, quality control and compliance with international standards of Keline products Cat. 5E 100MHz, Cat. 6A 500MHz, Cat. 7 1000MHz and Keline components Cat. 6A keystone jack, Cat. 6A patch panels and Cat. 6A patch cable. Based on the positive results of the audit, validity of certificates has been extended. This applies to the entire portfolio of tested products. 


Since the 1st of July 2017, EN 50575: 2014 became a binding harmonized standard. This document introduced a clear classification of fire characteristics of cables and their unified identification within the European Union. All copper and optical cables for structured cabling are building materials which are subject to reaction to fire requirements in construction works. For each cable supplied to the EU market, the reaction to fire class must be determined according to the testing carried out by laboratories accredited by the European Commission. All up-to-date certificates issued by the independent laboratories as well as Declarations of Performance confirming the Reaction to Fire Class of Keline’s installation cables are available for download on their product page.