Third party quality audit of the KELine® production in 2020

This year, independent laboratories 3P, EZÚ and FORCE Technology, carried out a regular inspection of manufacturer's production, quality control and compliance with international standards of KELine® installation cables 799053-Eca, KE300U24LSOH-Dca, KE300S24-Eca, KE400U23-Eca, KE550HS23/1E-Dca, KE550HS23/1E-B2ca, KE1000HS23-Dca, KE1000HS23-B2ca, KE1200HS23-Dca and KELine® components
KEJ-C6A-S-10G, KEP-C6A-S-10G, KEP-C6A-S10G-NP and KEL-C6A-P-xxx. Based on the positive results of the audit, validation of certificates has been extended. This applies to the entire portfolio of tested products.